Monday, 13 August 2012

SWUR; Wrap-up!........

Well , yesterday marked the end of the Summer Wrap-up readathon! It was hosted by  Jennifer @ Some Like it Paranormal and Jude @ In Between. Again thank you to them!  They have set one final challenge, which i will complete towards the end of this post :).

My thoughts.
The readathon started off great for me!  I really made progress and enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, i ended up being ill towards the end, and therefore due to my medication i slept a lot= no reading apart from a few pages.  I only popped onto twitter a few times, i completely forgot that there would be a twitter chat organised.  I planned to occasionally pop onto twitter in the beginning and then when i was making progress i thought i would be on more but obviously been ill ruined that plan!  I participated in a few challenges and LOVED them! they were great challenges! But unfortunately towards the last few days i didn't and challenges i had put off to do later, well never got done :(  Shame really.

 My Progress.
The links to my posts;

Day 1-3 update here
Day 4-6 update here
Day 7-9. update here.

My goals was to finish the book i was reading and then i had 3 other books;
*well i completed the post i was reading (Pushing the Limit) -NEED TO WRITE A REVIEW
*I finished 1 book- January First- NEED TO WRITE A REVIEW.
*I read 30% of Thy Neighbor book.

I managed to read 481 pages during the readathon!!! Very proud!!!! 

The challenges i completed.
*On Saturday 1st, the challenge by Jessica on her blog Wickedly Bookish,, Here is the link to my post for the 'Cover Hunt Challenge'
*On Sunday 2nd, the challenge-  Hotter than Summer and is hosted by Trini @ A Book Lover's Review Blog. Here is my link for the 'Swoon challenge'
*On Monday 3rd, the challenge-Cover Love by  Emily at 'Falling for YA'   and my link here.
* On Tuesday 7th, the challenge by Mackenzie @ 'Oh for the Love of Books!' 
which was to plan a summer party-I didn't have a post for this as it was in a comment & i pasted it onto my daily post and i also did a pinterest board for it, to create a visual idea. Here goes-

A quiet intimate affair with close family & friends towards the end of the summer season, as a celebration of the summer. It would be held sort of late evening and in a large garden area. There would be a long wooden table (or two) with wooden chairs (decorated) all set out with the cutlery/summer plates & glasses etc, the middle would include candles and colourful flowers. The candles could be lit late evening. The food would be a sort of bbq and also a buffet with yummy summer puddings and desserts. There would even be a big colourful cake that would be cut to celebrate summer like celebrating a wedding with a wedding cake. There would a dance area with music so that as the night went on they could have a dance. For those more quiet, there would be a secluded area with comfy seats/couches/bean bags etc so people could read (we all love to read yeah!) and finally there would be an area with an hot tub so people could enjoy a cocktail or too maybe while they chill out and soak. Speaking of cocktails, there would cocktails-alcoholic and non, fancy drinks, punch bowls, fancy glasses with straws. The whole place would be decorated with bunting, flowers and twinkly lights!! twinkly lights above the tables and dance area. Low background music would be there whilst people ate at the table area, but later on the dance area would have more energetic music so people could enjoy themselves. I have included a link for Pinterest whereby i have done a summer party board just for this challenge to show visual pictures of all my ideas for this party. You will get a better idea of the party i have planned. Please click here.
 For the final challenge, our hosts, Jude at In Between and Jennifer at Some Like it Paranormal, asked us to show or describe places we had read during the readathon.

Now i am sad to say that my reading places in limited t0;
1- sofa- Big lovely comity sofa with a low window next to it, so i could sit with the views of outside (not great view but still) and i could have the window open with a lovely breeze, nice having the sun shining in too. Best still, it is a recliner! Perfect!
2-my bed- Especially when ill i did a lot of reading here! Soft bed with piles of pillows, quilts, blankets, with a fan that keeps me cool and awake! Nothing better than curling up, having my blankets wrapped around me so i'm snuggled and the fan blowing on my face as i read. 
3-the bath- This is one of my fav places to read but i am limited, i dare not take the kindle in there, i do take paperback but i still feel a bit tetchy incase i get it wet. I didn't use to mind a book getting a bit curly from getting wet but now i am crazy about keeping them pristine!
4-the car-This week, i had some hospital appointments that were a good 30 mins in the car, taking the kindle meant i did lots of reading! No glare from the sun and lucky i do not experience motion sickness!!
5.the garden-Don't faint, in the UK we had some gorgeous weather, i spent a little bit of time in the garden, soaking up the rays, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and luxkily reading with a kindle..the sun can shine but doesn't effect your reading-no glare!! I wish i had comfortable garden furniture though as i got so unsettled and achy i had to go into, laying on the grass isn't a possibility anymore for me :(.
**I do not have any piccies to show! but this is where i would LOVE to have spent the week reading lol. 


  1. I would have loved to have spent my week reading there as well! LOL Gorgeous and peaceful! Sofa, bed, and garden are popular place to read. I like to read in the bath sometimes too but not in a long time.
    Thanks so much for participating!
    My Wrap-Up Photo Album

    1. I would be lovely to just chill in those places and read but i bet i would do more sleeping than reading hehe. :) x I will check out your link :) I am playing catch-up at the moment lol. x


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