Saturday, 4 August 2012

SWUR -The Wicked Summer COVER Challenge.

This challenge needs a post of it's own because of the content BUT honestly, it is so much fun, I love challenges like this!  What is even better is that we can keep going back and adding more too it until the end of the Summer Wrap-up readathon! This challenge is hosted by Jessica on her blog Wickedly Bookish, so that you Jessica :)

This challenge i basically like a treasure hunt, that is the only way i can describe it.  We have a list of items and we need to find book covers with the items on, a book can have more than one item.  When the item is found the book cover will be pasted here. We don't have to find them all, it's just about particpating :)

The list;

A teeny bikni
Beach umbrella
Oceanscape or a beach scene
An American flag (4th of July)
Lemonade/Iced Tea
Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
Swimming Pool
Sun bather
Picnic .

Swimming pool=The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshlyn Jackson.
Sunglasses= The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour.
Sunflower= Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella.

Sun- The Summer I Turned Pretty By Jenny Han.
Beach scene-The Summer of Us by Debi Caletti

Sunset-Summer Nights by Allie Spencer.
Bikini & also sailboat/yacht-The Summer of Secrets by Alison Lucy.
Sunbather- Summer House by Nancy Thayer.

I will continue this challenge until i get them all hehe :) 


  1. So far so good! Thanks for joining in Beckie, I'm glad you are having fun!!


    1. Thanks :) Yep loving it, my fav kind of challenge as i'm a bit of a cover whore apparently lol xx

  2. Replies
    1. yep :) summer covers tend to be like that don't they, thats way i love them :)

  3. Awesome covers! I'm participating in the readathon too and this challenge looks awesome, I need to check it out! Hope it's still open :D

    1. Thanks :) How are you doing with the readathon? The challenge s open for a good while yet, def enter- so much fun!!! hehe xx :)

  4. Oh cool, you've got some I've never even seen before! I love this challenge - harder than it looks, more fun that it sounds... :)

    1. I'm loving into but I agree it is def harder than it looks, lol. I have a few more to find but will get there I hope,lol,must need some time :) xx


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