Sunday, 19 August 2012

An apology.......

I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of reviews recently.  I feel like I need to say this.  I have three pending reviews, I am reading but i have been really busy recently.  Another problem I have is that I have hit a block with review writing- I cannot articulate what I want to say and I just have comments and bits of ramble all over.  It's driving me crazy! I think the problem is I need to write reviews straight away unless I am putting them off because I still need to think about the book, it happens.  Does anyone hit a review writing block? I feel like it is just me and it's an awful feeling.


  1. I find that writing the review as soon as you're done the book helps loads, that's what I do, but I did hit a review block not too long ago. I just kind of took a break from books in general for a day, then went right into a new book and started changing how I review things. Hope this helps! Taking notes while you read helps too.

  2. I hit so many review writing blocks. But i just learned, that i need to find a time to write a review where i am most creative, so now i pretty much brainstorm my reviews early in the morning, around 1am or 2am, and them make it coherent during the day when i have time after school. So If you find the time when your the most imaginative, it will work wonders with review block. Hope my idea helps, it too me awhile to find what my writing time was.

  3. I've had review writing blocks before.

    Like Kelsey, I usually write the review within a day; if I don't then when I sit down to write it, it's much harder. You can always write it immediately, let it sit, then re-read and see if you want to make any changes.

    Sometimes, taking a break is needed also. It happens, no worries.

  4. It happens. I immediately write down a bunch of random thoughts when i finish a book, then the next day write my review, then save it and wait a few days...then go back and edit it. Good luck

  5. I think I'm in the middle of a review block :/ Even with notes I'm finding it hard to write good reviews! I'm kind of at a blogging block as well.

    Try taking a break, schedule other posts for a week or so, like discussion posts and meme's then step away from the blog for a week and write the reviews in your own time. Then come back to it!


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