Thursday, 29 November 2012

Friday thoughts #17

I have taken a bit of a break for a while but these 'thoughts' will be resuming :)

.........The words on this image are sooo true :) or at least it is with me hehe x

Cover reveal; Dare You To (Pushing the Limits #2)

I adored the first book, as did so many others! Well this second book in the series is from Beth's perspective.....published 28th May 2013. I cannot wait! How steamy is this cover!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Having problems.......

I felt like i need to explain my absence once again and to ask you to please stick with me.  I am currently having problems with so many things that i feel everything is stacked against me.  I am having health problems, internet issues and laptop problems, also time to read is really limited :( I will keep doing occasional blog posts and will be checking in on people's blogs. I am hoping that in the New Year, a lot will be sorted and i can get back to normal.

I have thought about deleting my blog and everything related to it but it feels like my baby and i just cannot do it.  I just cannot give it my all right now, no one wants to do a guest post on here and that is fine.  I still have items to post out which i haven't had chance to do it, sorry.  The fact i cannot give it my all right now makes me feel extremely guilty and i get a bad feeling about the blog, meaning i just do not want to even log on as avoidance is easier than the reality that my blog is failing.

Please stick with me, i plan to have the occasional posts and i will get back to normal, hopefully by the New Year at the latest. Decemeber is a majorly busy month with christmas, my son's birthday and we go on holiday (vacation) too so i think with everything else and this limited time- i would set myself up to fail to get back to normal now.

Sorry everyone.