Monday, 7 January 2013

Delayed post---Happy New Year.....

I know this is late but.......
Happy New Year to all!! All the best for 2013 and i hope it brings us many brilliant reads and new releases, i am excited!

I apologise for my absence from my blog, twitter and the world of the book community.  There have been several personal problems, as i have explained before in relation to my health and it has meant i needed to step away.  I have hardly read anything in months, i have started books and then stopped. I feel like a complete failure for this blog and i loved it so much, it was not only my hobby but my passion.  I may have burnt out a little by taking too much on, expecting too much from myself  and comparing myself to other bloggers too much.  The only thing i could do was break away and turn my back on this, but now, i want to start back again.  I miss my blog, i miss talking to other bloggers and reading other people's blogs.

So i am back.........however, i do not promise anything in relation to the quantity of posts or how many reviews i write.  I will do what i enjoy so that this doesn't feel like a chore.  I am trying to remind myself constantly why i started blogging and doing book reviews. I have SO many books to read; ones i have purchased, ones sent for review and i really want to read a lot of those so will not be taking on too many new releases. I want to enjoy this and feel successful.

Hope everyone is well :) xx