Sunday, 12 August 2012

SWUR; Readathon UPDATE Day7-9.

The home stretch now.....................................................

Before i update the last days of the Summer Wrap-up Readathon, i wanted to say that i absolutely LOVED IT! I got off to a good start for me! However,i have been ill at the end and i'm struggling to read because i am falling asleep.

Day 1-3 update here
Day 4-6 update here

Day 7; Friday 10th August......My medical problems flared up, so illness started :(

Books Read Today; Thy Neighor by Norah Vincent, & The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner.
Books i have completed so far; Pushing the Limits, & January First.
Today's Progress; I read 8% of Thy Neighbor, which from a 320 page book is only about 25pages...felt a lot more!  I read 2% of The Next Best Thing, which from a 400 page book is 8 pages! Total read pages today is 33pages!
Readathon pgs total; Approx 443pages.
Feelings/updates; I am ill asthe day went on, in so much pain that as well as my slow-release morphine which i have daily, I needed to havemy quick release oral morphine solution, needless to say i have being sleeping ALOT or in pain if not.  The only reading i managed was poor! I am really not enjoying Thy Neighbor, infact i hate it, so i picked up my other book but i only read a small amount and gave in because i felt so ill.

Day 8; Saturday 11th August........illness is worse!!!!!!!!

Books Read Today; Thy Neighbor by Norah Vincent.
Books i have completed; No change from yesterday.
Today's Progress; I wouldn't call it progress!!  I read a whole 6% of Thy Neighbor, which from a 320page book is about 19pages.
Readathon pgs total; Approx 462 pages.
Feelings/updates; The fact i have picked up my kindle today is amazing because i felt so ill, in so much pain, so sleepy that i don't know how i did it.  Such a small amount to read, I am so down with how the end of the readathon has gone, i had high hopes with doing well in the beginning, but you cannot help your health.

Day 9; Sunday 12th August.........slightly better..only slightly...

Books Read Today; Thy Neighbor
Books I have completed; Just the two.
Today's Progress; I did a little better today and read 6%, which is around 19 pgs of a 320 book.
Readathon pgs total; 481 pages total!
Feelings/updates. Today I was still really I'll but not as medicated through the day with oral morphine so I was a wake a little more. I managed to read a little bit and I felt proud given the circumstances. I hated this book and I still don't like it but it has elements that are grabbing me and I am hoping I can start to enjoy it more so I can finish it. I am sad it is the last day of the readathon! I feel like I have failed as I haven't met my goals but I started well for me and nothing you can do when I'll.

How has the readathon gone for others in the last few days?  Enjoying it?

Anyone starting Bout of Books 5.0 readathon tomorrow? I am! But having an ill start great!

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