Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bout of books, day 6 update..........

Day 6; Saturday 18th August......another repeat.....infact worse .
Books read today; Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett
Books completed so far; 1 book-Speechless by Hannah Harrington
Today's Progress;  7% of Confessions book, which at 272pgs, I read approx 19pgs  today
Readathon Pages Total; Approx 380pgs so far

Feelings/Updates; Today was a failure with reading again! It is just down to having family time- which i loved, but house and laundry which i hated!  We had a massive family bbq to go to which was brilliant and by the time we got in i was washed out!  I realised i had missed the Twitter chat again, which means somehow i missed all 3, really unhappy about that! :(  So i wasn't in a reading mood by the time the children were settled in bed- gone 9pm!  My partner put a film on, which he fell asleep watching as usual and even though i said i was gonna try and read, i ended up watching the film again and i watched it till the end whilst he snored! typical!  I tried to read but did little before falling asleep.  I feel guilty about not reading enough and not making more time to read.  I haven't done the posts i needed to do whilst the readathon has being going on, i have a block while writing a review :( i have 3 pending reviews to do, amongst other planned posts and i feel my blog is just readthon updates where i say i haven't read much! Granted i do enjoy what i read. I'm just sad the readathon is almost over.  I wish i would have done a readathon in September but Bout of Books is my fav ever readathon.  I am so behind with everything.  Moan over, im sorry and i'm sorry if you've got to the end of this-well done!.  Day 7 isn't going to be much better, it's 3pm and i have read zero!  My own fault, this morning did online shopping in a sale and read some previews of books on Amazon,oh dear!  but we have just had a meal out with the kids which was lovely but stressful lol.

Hope everyone had a better reading day than me! 


  1. I only caught the twitter chat by accident...I was just about to switch up and start reading and then Amanda started up. I really haven't read a whole lot this week but never mind. I have a week off work with nothing planned coming up soon, that will be my own, personal readathon!

  2. I actually avoided the Twitter chats on purpose! They tend to make me nervous. I was very lucky to have vacation -- a long road trip -- scheduled for the same week as Bout of Books, which meant I had lots of time with few distractions. (And the TV and Internet are both BIG distractions for me.) One thing I have gotten from Bout of Books is the huge "community spirit" surrounding the whole thing.


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