Friday, 10 August 2012

SWUR; Readathon UPDATE Day 4-6...

I am still doing the Summer Wrap-up Readathon (SWUR)- worry yourself not :) Unfortunately i have not being as active on Twitter as i wanted, sorry :( Life is crazy as always, especially with it being the summer holidays at the moment in the UK and i am a mummy to an 8 and 4 year old.  I have a variety of blog posts that i need to do which aren't readathon related and i also have a few book reviews to come, so keep your eyes peeled please :)

Ok updates; Day 1-3 are already published as a post.

Day 4; Tuesday 7th August......go slow reading.

Books Read Today; January First by Michael Schofield.
Books Completed so far; Still the one book- Pushing the Limits.
Today's Progress; I read 20% today, which is around 57pages of the 288page book.
Readathon pgs total; approx 320pgs.
Feelings/Updates; I felt like i read a whole lot more today, so when i realised that it was 20% i was gutted.  I am only approx 73% done with the book.  I read small bits in the day but then settled down and tried to read more in the evening.  I honestly felt i had read so much more.  I would love to finish this book tomorrow.  It is a good read but emotional. I spent ages catching up with blogs, twitter and my own blog, hence there was less reading in the day than there was potential for. I did meet my aim though so all good!
Aim for tomorrow; I just met yesterday's aim, i am going for 40pgs because this book is such an emotional read that anymore is too much. I am not really in the mood for reading either :(

Challenges; Today's were US only and i was thinking of doing them for fun but i decided against it :) But i did complete the challenge from yesterday that Mackenzie set at 'Oh for the Love of Books!' 
I planned a summer party-
This is the best summer party i can think of
A quiet intimate affair with close family & friends towards the end of the summer season, as a celebration of the summer. It would be held sort of late evening and in a large garden area. There would be a long wooden table (or two) with wooden chairs (decorated) all set out with the cutlery/summer plates & glasses etc, the middle would include candles and colourful flowers. The candles could be lit late evening. The food would be a sort of bbq and also a buffet with yummy summer puddings and desserts. There would even be a big colourful cake that would be cut to celebrate summer like celebrating a wedding with a wedding cake. There would a dance area with music so that as the night went on they could have a dance. For those more quiet, there would be a secluded area with comfy seats/couches/bean bags etc so people could read (we all love to read yeah!) and finally there would be an area with an hot tub so people could enjoy a cocktail or too maybe while they chill out and soak. Speaking of cocktails, there would cocktails-alcoholic and non, fancy drinks, punch bowls, fancy glasses with straws. The whole place would be decorated with bunting, flowers and twinkly lights!! twinkly lights above the tables and dance area. Low background music would be there whilst people ate at the table area, but later on the dance area would have more energetic music so people could enjoy themselves. I have included a link for Pinterest whereby i have done a summer party board just for this challenge to show visual pictures of all my ideas for this party. You will get a better idea of the party i have planned. Please click here.

Day 5; Wednesday 8th day!!!!

Books Read Today; Still Reading January First by Michael Schofield.
Books Completed so far; Still the one that mentioned in yesterday's update!!!
Today's Progress; I read a shocking 11% today, which is only approx 31pgs of a 288pg book. 
Readathon pgs total; Approx 351pgs.
Feelings/updates; I totally was not in the mood for reading today! I was having a bad day pain-wise and it got me down so reading was the last thing on my mind.  Plus my little girl is having problems with her ear that was pierced a few weeks ago (her dad took her without me knowing!!but let's not go there, she wanted it done) Her ear is needing a lot of attention and despite me doing my best to keep it clean, sterilised etc, it seems to be becoming infected. I am heartbroken and annoyed, my poor baby.  Anyways, rant over :( sorry.  So yes, i didn't read until 10pm and after 11% of an emotional heart-breaking difficult book i was beat- it made me feel bad for getting so worked up about my daughter when there is people's daughters out there who are far far worse than a poorly ear, i shouldn't have got so upset and thinking it was the end of the world, lesson learnt book!  Failure day reading wise, only 9pages off my goal for today though, i knew i wasn't in a reading mood.
Aim for tomorrow; I will finish this book and start my new one, my aim is 50pgs as it seems a nice amount lol.

Challenges;  There was 1 international but i did not complete tit- this doesn't mean i won't before the end of the readathon.

Day 6; Thursday 9th August.......that's more like it!!!

Books Read Today; January First by Michael Schofield and Thy Neighbor by Norah Vincent.
Books Completed so far; Pushing the Limits and January First!!!!!!
Today's Progress; I read 17% of the book i completed, which is approx 49pgs of a 288pg book, and i read 10% of Thy Neighbour which is approx 32pgs of a 320pg book. Therefore,in total, i read around  59pages.
Readathon pgs total; Approx 410pgs.
Feelings/updates; Wow i am so proud of the amount of reading i got done today because i was at the hospital for my appointment which meant i was there for 3hours in the afternoon- leaves me exhausted afterwards. Also, my daughter,bless her, her poor ear, the earring had to come out but because of the discomfort she won't allow her other ear to be touched!!!  She now has just one earring in, bless!  That will come out shortly too but had to update after my rant yesterday.  Obviously with the rant i had yesterday i wanted to update :)  I did want to read more of my new book but it is not what i thought it was! It is a very odd read and is very crude, whether i finish it remains to be seen. I kind of wish i never had this book to read and review because i would rather read summat in it's place. 

Challenges; TO DO- A poem with a flower name! Check back please!
                    TO DO- Dystopian challenge-what classic would i like converting?Please check back. 

   How is everyone going with the readthon?  Please feel free to post update links in my comments :)
Sorry i am not around as much as i should be xxx                                                                                                                                     


  1. Busy, busy, busy. Keep it up. :-)

    1. thank you, not gone well since has i am really ill :( will do my final update xx


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