Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SWUR Readathon UPDATE;Day 1-3.

I have not done any updates for the Summer Wrap-Up Readathon (SWUR) as of yet because i decided to do them in a bunch rather than daily.  With daily updates, challenge posts and then my normal blogging posts, i thought it would be far too much for my 'readers' so here is my update of day 1-3.

DAY 1; Saturday 4th August......We have kick off!!

Books read today; Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry.  
Books completed so far; No books completed yet, it is only day 1 :)
Today's Progress; I am reading this on my kindle and at the start of the readathon i was already 70% of the way through.  Today i read 20%, and there is around 384 pgs so i read approx 76pgs.
Feelings/updates; Today didn't get off to the best start readathon wise because i was super busy with housework and having fun with my 4yr old daughter whilst my partner had taken our son to a football tournament.  I did some tweeting in between but reading wasn't my priority.  In the afternoon whilst she laid on the sofa to recoup and watch a film, i did some reading woohoo!! I also managed to read in the evening when the children went to bed and i think i did really good progress wise; i really wanted to finish this book today but it was getting late and i was exhausted- only 10% left.
Aim for tomorrow; to finish this book and to read around 60 pages as a total.

Today's challenge; Absolutely amazing challenge, LOVED IT, still ongoing and can be updated till the 12th- post here.

DAY 2; Sunday 5th of rest but not for reading ;)

Books read today; Pushing the Limts by Katie McGarry and January First by Michael Schofield.
Books completed so far;  I finished Pushing the Limits! 
Today's Progress; Last 10% of Pushing the Limits which is approx 38pages and I read 15% of January First which is around 288pgs, so i read approx 43pgs. Todays approx total= 81pages
Readathon pgs total; approx 157pgs.!
Feelings/updates; Today was a complete day of rest, relaxing, napping, reading and having fun with the kids.  I read on and off for most of the day and then had an early night because i was shattered.  Really proud that i have managed to read this much.  I adored Pushing the Limits and sad to finish it really BUT i am excited as there is another book in the series due to be published in 2013-'Dare you to I CANNOT WAIT! The book i am now reading is emotional!
Aim for tomorrow; read 75pages....not sure possible. LOL. Aim from yesterday was met :)

Today's challenge; Posted on day 3 Monday on blog BUT, what a super HOT is my swoon post lol.

Day 3; Monday 6th August......behind as ever but not with reading for once :)

Books read today; Janaury First by Michael Schofield.
Books completed so far; Just Pushing the Limits so far.
Today's Progress; I read upto 52% on my kindle, so i read 37% today, which of 288pgs is around!
Readathon pgs total; approx 263pgs!
Feelings/updates; At present in the UK it is the summer holidays from school and they don't go back until the 6th September, so today i got no reading done, no blogging, nothing.  Too busy entertaining the kids and then i did a big clear out of bedrooms!  I started my reading around 7pm when they were settled and read through till i was dropping to sleep.  I wanted to read more because i am engrossed with this book BUT i couldn't. I had to put it down :( I am missing out on Twitter!!!! and on blogging and checking out blogs which is all part of a readathon but with everything going on, i just cannot juggle it all :( something has to give and it cannot be reading, sorry. I will try harder i promise x
Aim for tomorrow; read 50pgs.  This is less because ALSO catch up on some blogs, twitter and my blog posts.

Today's challenge; Favourite covers of this summer.

How is everyone going with the readthon?  Please feel free to post update links in my comments :)
Sorry i am not around as much as i should be xxx


  1. Yello! I've been and commented on ALL YOUR CHALLENGE POSTS (because they're awesome) and dropped by to say CONGRATULATIONS! You're doing so well, isn't it nice when you set yourself a nice sensible target than smash it to pieces?! Summer's definitely manic so I'm just enjoying reading as much as I can as my little refuge in between the craziness! :D

    1. Aww bless u hun, u r sooo sweet, u really are, thank u xx my updates etc are no where near as awesome as yours :p :) hehe x yep small targets in the way forward!!!! Then when u realise u av read well more then it's amazing! I read almost 60 pgs yesterday but u know when it feels well more , ugh it did yest but I was really tired. Loved what u said - in my refuge between the craziness well I'm def enjoying reading between the craziness but I need my own oil refuge lol. Not feeling so great today, hope it passes, currently laid in front of a fan with my iPad, feeling nauseous,headache and burning up :/ xx

  2. Replies
    1. Awww thanks :) I will do, well I will try my best :) xx


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