Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review clean-up goals.........

It's here!!!!!! 

This post is a day late unfortunately but nevermind.  Yesterday, was the start of 'Review Copy Clean-up', hoested by the Celine from 'Nyx Book Reviews' and Vicky from 'Book, Biscuits and Tea'.  I did my sign-up post not long ago to say that i was joining this because i thought it was a great idea.

I have a massive pile for review- mostly electronic arcs and also some hardback/paperbacks that i have purchased which i really want to review soon for my blog.  I am not sure whether you are meant to count books which you have purchased yourself in this blog event but i am hoping too.  I have two read-a-thons this month and hopefully they will mean that i get through more books than i normally would.  
Therefore, my goal is to read at least 8 books- this is a lot for me. I am not sure what 8 books i want to read - i have more than 20 on my netgalley and 10 on edelweiss so i will just see how i feel to be honest.

I may do an update post halfway through and then a wrap-up post at the end of the post.  I will be regularly posting on twitter and will update there more frequently with the #RCclean-up  hashtag :)

It is not too late to join!


Many thanks for your comment, all comments are really appreciated and I will reply :) xx