Monday, 6 August 2012

Hotter than Summer Challenge.

This Challenge is part of the SWUR; Summer Wrap-Up Readathon. and it needs a post of it's own- i apologise BUT you will see why shortly :).

The challenge is called; Hotter than Summer and is hosted by Trini @ A Book Lover's Review Blog.
Thanks Trini!!

I need for you to create a small but fun post with a
1. list characters (as many as you want) that you thing are HOTTER than Summer  
2. Add the book title or book cover
3. Put your rating
4. Link up your review (Amazon, blog, Goodreads, etc.)
5. explain why you picked him or her.

To win one of the arcs that she has shown on her blog, it is open to US and Canada but international may enter but will have to help with postage. Closing date; 12th August.  PLEASE READ SMALL PRINT ON THE OFFICIAL CHALLENGE PAGE!!

My pick is Kaleb from Myra McEntire's trilogy Hourglass. Kaleb features in the 1st book Hourglass but also in the 2ndbook Timepiece. Timepiece is where i swooned for Kaleb as the narration is from his perspective- you learn more about who he is.  .  
 You find out his inner thoughts, how honest, loyal and sincere he is.  He is caring, a risk-taker, strong, emotional, HOT! funny and intelligent.  His funny little comments in the narratoring made me smile .  He is also  meant to be a biker, tanned skin, tattooed, muscles defined and gorgeous!!! He made me swoon!! lol.
These is no image of Kaleb on the bookcovers so he lives in my imagination haha, but he looks like this to me.

These are the book covers below and my links to the reviews :)

My Rating;
4 out 5 for both :) BUT my RATING FOR KALEB= 5/5!!

I have just finished reading Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. The Character NOAH- he is only 18 and i'm 27 but still!!! I'd be a cradle snatcher haha!! age is nothing.  He is a good guy gone bad gone good for the right girl! I could be that right girl!! haha. I have Red (can make it curly!) like Echo!  Noah is hot, intelligent, quick witted, strong, funny, family-orientated, heart broken, full of emotion, oh he is just perfect! 
for both the book and NOAH!!

Review is process

Thanks again Trini!!

Back to reading- that is if my 4 year old will let me. Update post of my reading during readathon to come.


  1. YES!! Love both these guys so much!! :) <3 <3 Kaleb is soooo sweet <3 And Noah is, woow, amazing <3 Great list Becky! ;) <3

    1. Thank u :) they just so are, aren't they <3 they seem popular in the book community lol <3<3 xxx

  2. Wow. I already ordered PUSHING THE LIMITS thanks to all the mentions of the book during the read-a-thon (and this challenge!), but now I reckon I might have to go check out the other series too! And *cough cough* maybe save that picture for, y'know... 'reference'... ;)

    1. Yeh :) u will love pushing the limits!!! I cannot wait to see what u think of it- infant I still need to do my review. Oh and the series by Myra mcentire-hourglass is first and then timepiece, I loved hese bus, inav reviewed them on here :)if you wanna do a book swap or something I will send you hourglass if you had something you had read and were willing to swap which I wanted to read :) just a thought xx print the picture but u may not like him much in the first bk lol xx but still, omg lush haha!!

  3. Nice! Thanks for the post! I haven't read Pushing the Limits but I think I'll pick it up tonight. :)

    1. Did u pick the book up? If not pick it up now lol honestly u will not regret it xx


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