Friday, 17 August 2012

Bout of Books; Day 4 Update & Challenges...

Day 4; Thursday 16th August......Wow what happened lol...

Books read today; Speechless by Hannah Harrington
Books completed so far; 1 book-Speechless 
Today's Progress;  54% of Speechless, which at 288pgs, I read approx 155pgs  today
Readathon Pages Total; Approx 334pgs so far

Feelings/Updates; Wow, what the hell happened today!!! I have no clue!! I have had a busy day too, a busy morning with the kids and then this afternoon i had an hospital appointment where i was in there for 1hr30mins-the drive is around 30mins each way and since i am the passenger i got to do quite a bit of reading.  This evening i have read and read and read.  It just proves what having a clear mind AND reading a good book can do to you.  The other book i am reading, no way could i have read do much.  Infact i am putting it to the side for now but i will finish it. I am so chuffed with myself :) and i entered all 3 challenges, woohoo! I haven't being active on twitter (so sorry) and not being on any blogs (sorry) but i def play catch up tomorrow :) Can't do everything!  


***The first challenge of the day was hosted by 'Reading in Winter' and is titled 'A Book for Every Season'.  To name books for each season- could be to do with cover, title, setting in the book or just something about reading that book during that time etc.
Here are mine;

 (This season is the start back to school after the summer holidays and start of the new school year, makes me think of Harry Potter starting back at Hogwarts).
Winter-The Gift by Cecelia Ahern- Set in winter, christmas time, snow on ground etc
SPRING-A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson- Namesake in title, set in spring
SUMMER-That Summer by Sarah Dessen- Namesake in title, love the author.

*** The second challenge was hosted by BookSmartie and was called the CandyChallenge. This was to show/name what you snacked on while reading, and whether the book influenced your snacks.
I snack on whatever i fancy at the time or what is in my cupboards etc but there are some firm favourites-

 DRINKS- Hot chocolate, coffee.
SNACKS-Chocolate (any type!) and popcorn

***The third challenge was hosted by Books with Cass and is a contemporary challenge about favourites, i loved this but was bit unsure when i had 2 out of 3 same favs as the conscience.  I tried to change my favs but i couldn't because they are my favs too.

Fav Contemporary= Pushing the Limits.
Fav Cover= My Life Next Door
Fav Surprise Contemporary= Saving June

Wow. What a Day!!!
Loved all the Challenges =D


  1. Hello again! Sorry, you'll have a sudden spate of comments from me - I've hardly been hitting blogs or Twitter either, so I'm catching up with my favourite ladies today!

    I LOVE those days when your brain's fully functioning, your mind's clear, your book's great and the pages just fly by. Harry Potter's such a great idea as an autumn read! I don't know why, but I always think of them either as a comforting winter read, or as a summer read (probably because I read most of the books on one holiday or another). Also, OMG THAT HOT CHOCOLATE LOOKS SO DELICIOUS! :D

    1. Aww i am one of your favourite ladies hehe :) xx Hey i love comments so don't worry, they make me smile! BUT i am only just catching up with comments since i have being super busy since the back to back readathons and summer holidays with the kids. I know have more 'me-time' so i can focus on my blog a little more :) yay!

      Didn't mean to get you drooling over the hot choc haha, but hey your posts during the readathon make me hungry with your menu updates hehe x

  2. What a productive day! I am looking forward to the weekend and uninterrupted reading time.

  3. It looks like you had a good day! Pushing the Limits is by far my favorite contemporary. It was oh so good. I hopey you enjoy the rest of the readathon!

    1. It was the only good day (i think) lol, i am playing catch-up with comments right now, sorry x. I still have not reviewed Pushing the Limits, i just loved it so much that i cannot get the review out without saying. I LOVED IT end of review lol. xx


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