Monday, 20 August 2012

Bout of Books; Day 7 Update and Wrap-up!!...

Day 7; Sunday 19th August......An awesome day!!!!.
Books read today; Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett
Books completed so far; 2 books-Speechless by Hannah Harrington and the one above
Today's Progress;  83% of Confessions book, which at 272pgs, I read approx 225pgs!!!!!!  today
Readathon Pages Total; Approx 605pgs!!!!
Feelings/Updates; Had a great day all around with the kids- going out for a family meal and just having fun!  Followed by a must needed post that i had to put up, however i feel like no one is gonna read it or even be bothered with what i am offering, oh well :) I also managed to get in a whole 3 and bit hrs of reading! and i managed to finish the book i was reading.  I got so involved in the book, i didn't realise how much i had read, amazing!! Cannot wait for her next book in the series.

Ok, so here is the link to the goals that i set out to achieve! 

My goals
*Try to attend 1 twitter 'party' (I had every intention too, but unfortunately for various reasons i missed all 3 which i was really unhappy about :( )
*Ensure i am active on twitter inbetween, using the #boutofbooks  (Not as much as i liked, and not as much as last time but nevermind.)
*To check out people's blogs and to comment on their progress (Yep easy one!)
*To post up my winning prize from the last Bout of Books! I have not done a post with the winning prize completed and in my possesion. (YES!! It is up BUT only from yesterday. Check out the post, it is my winning prize from the last Bout of Books readathon AND i have done a little giveaway- everyone gets a prize as such, hehe, post is here! )
*To complete 3 books ( Now i have 2 books from my last readathon-1 i am 24% way through and the other i have just started) but i will include the 3 books i planned to read for this readathon.  (Sadly i failed on this one but i didn't feel like i had, i feel like i have achieved a lot given the week i had :)
*To update this post with progress (Yep i kept up to date regularly :) and linked up!)

Two of the books i wished to read in the readathon, these were; 
*Speechless by Hannah Harrington 
*Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett, 
( i loved both of them, got through then quickly!!) I also read some more (about 15%) of a book from the previous readathon i did last week)
*Thy Neighbor by Norah Vincent (not enjoying this as much, taking me a long time to read!)

READ PAGE TOTAL= 605!!! wow! just wow!

I have to say that i really enjoyed the readathon (again), this is my favourite readathon because of all the interaction, challenges and link-ups.  I was sad to read that the link-up's aren't working for everyone and i hope that these don't stop because of some problems.  I am sad that is it over :( but looking forward to the next one.

NOTE TO SAY; I will be replying to all comments within the next few days (kids depending! lol) and also catching up with people's wrap-up posts etc.  I have 4 Reviews to get up on here!!! In a review block right now which is getting me down, so i kinda need a break. I need a break from reading too for a few days at least, maybe even a week, i feel sad because of the books i planned to read in August! 

Hope everyone enjoyed the readathon :)


  1. Good job on getting some reading and other stuff done!! I know I fell behind in commenting and tried to focus on the reading, and still fell short of my goal. Must make a balance the next time!

  2. Ooh I want to check out confessions of an angry girl. Great job! I read a lot but I wish I had more access to computers so I could go on twitter more. That's what I need to work in

  3. Hey girl! Looks like you had a great experience with the read-a-thon!! You read A LOT!!! I managed a little over 200 pages LOL!! Don't worry about hurrying to post follow-up comments. We understand how life gets busy when you have little ones ;). I am also looking forward to the next read-a-thon--and I HOPE that by January I will be in a much better place with balancing work, kids, writing, and reading! :) AND, again, I have NOT forgotten you!!!! :) I miss our little Twitter chats! ;)

  4. You did great Beckie! Given the week you had your page count was impressive. ;) Hope to see you at Bout-of-Books 6.0 in January, but I know we'll be 'talking' between now and then. ;)

  5. You still did well. I'm glad you feel like you achieved a lot. Circumstances are always different depending on what's going on in real life when the read-a-thon comes around. :)


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