Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bout of books; Day 1 & challenges

Day 1 Monday 12th August.........little action.

Books read today; Thy Neighbor by Norah Vincent.
Books completed so far; None so far
Today's Progress; I read 10% of a 320 page book which is only 32pages!

Readathon Pages Total; 32
Feelings/Updates; I am ill at the moment, as mentioned at the end of the SWUR readathon.  I don't need to be ill when i have a readathon back to back, argh!! Let's hope tomorrow is a better day!! Those pages were read at midnight when i couldn't sleep! During the day, i did read blogs and comment on ppl's blog posts. I was all ready for the twitter chat but i fell asleep :( not a happy bunny.  I have also missed  entering the challenges as I have left it until day two but never mind. I am still going to do the challenges here :) 


The first challenge, hosted by Auggie Talk is to name 'My Literacy BFF' 
This was really difficult for me to decide but in the end it was one who sticks in my mind and people will think this is so silly, but it would be Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella.  In the books, I just loved her! Funny, crazy, up for fun but yet also kind, caring, loveable and warm hearted......we would just click, with the attitude and everything.  Also she is a me! We would be united with our credit cards to the max lol.  We would just have such a giggle together....holidays, nights out, day outs.  While sharing more serious stuff, both having a younger sister, planning weddings, pregnancy support and then having little mini me's who we would pass on the shopping gene! We both have little girls who also love to shop, so they would play together...having till sets, plastic money and plastic credit cards while we put the world to rights. I would get her to love books too hehe.  So funny that in the film, she is played by Isla Fisher meaning we both have red hair! Lovely lol.
The second challenge was hosted by Reading in Texas and The Space Between and is called 'Passing the book challenge'. It is a question to ask what you do with your books when you finish reading them, I think this is a really interesting challenge and I look forward to reading people's responses.    
With mine, after reading, they are usually passed to my mum and my sister to read if they want too.  If not then I decide what to do with them, as well as any books that are passed back to me.  In the past, I have not kept any of my read books, well, maybe the odd few I have but usually, they have been given to charity shops.  Now I am getting protective over my books and I am planning to keep them and get some lovely jazzy book shelves!


  1. Catching up on your read-a-thon week... I only managed 30-something pages on day one as well, but I had fun doing the challenges! :)

  2. i am only playing catch-up now lol, terrible isn't it. I think we did pretty fab during the readathon with everything going on xx


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