Sunday, 15 July 2012

Stacking the Shelves(12) My 7th shelf

This is a meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga Reviews and is to haul all the books we have got this week, whether bought physical or e-book, whether for review,from the library, won in a giveaway as a prize or even borrows from a friend. With this you can supply your link and then see what everyone else has bought.   This is the link for this weeks collection 'Stacking the Shelves 12'.  The meme starts on  a Saturday, but you can join all week.  Because this is only my 6th haul recently, i'm calling it my 7shelf (kinda) lol. I know i'm odd and weird. So this is my haul;

This week i have stuck to my 'buying ban' kinda with 1 cheap exception at 99p...doesn't count! lol, and the books are just review books, BUT i kinda went a little bit crazy with requesting book that i wished to read i didn't really think about what i was desperate to read i just went cra#y :(.  The problem i have is that i seem to ONLY read review books, and that is fine because i love them, however, i have massive piles of books waiting to be read in my home and they are getting neglected.  I do not know what to do to try and balance everything.  I will show what i have got for review but i feel so stupid.  I am DETERMINED! From next week, i will only request books that i really want to read so that i can catch up on the TBR review bks i have and the TBR bks i have at home.

Kindle-From Netgalley for review.

*Swipe by Evan Angler. (Published; 1st May 2012) This is the 1st book to the book 'Sneak' which i included last week and couldn't wait to read!
*Last Chance Bride by Hope Ramsay (Published 4th Sept 2012)


Not sure i will read these but i need to know what the hype.


  1. I got Confessions of an Angry girl a while back, I still have to read it though, there;s issues with the text size on my eReader. Hope you enjoy all these!

  2. i want to read angry girl--it sounds like my kind of contemporary. thanks for stopping by and happy reading :)


  3. I read 50 Shades recently. I told myself I had to just to understand all the hype, but actually wound up enjoying them more than I had expected.

  4. Don't feel under pressure to read all those review books if you're feeling overwhelmed, especially with electronic copies. Sometimes just telling people they exist in posts like this is what publishers want. My NetGalley % reviewed is about 60% of what I request and from what I gather that's better than average!

  5. Oh, I can't wait to read Confessions of an Angry Girl, heard it was good. Ugh, even with all the hype, I really can't bring myself to read 50 Shades, it just irks me, plus all the book bloggers who have read have given it pretty bad reviews, lol. Idk, all my IRL friends love it though, sad to say, and I totally make fun of them for it. Let me know if you do read it & if you like it!!! :)

  6. I have Confessions of an Angry Girl. I need to get to that. ;-D & Sandra Brown is one of my favorite adult authors. So you have to tell me how Low Pressure is ;)
    Great book week.

    Happy Reading

  7. How Lucky You Are has a really compelling cover. I know, I shouldn't judge books by their covers, but it just happens. Haha. Junior, The Exceptions, and Confessions of an Angry Girl all look AH-MAZING. Must head to goodreads to check those out!

  8. Awesome haul this week!

    Happy Reading,

  9. Talk about having massive piles of books that need to be read! I have like a dozen books or so on my book shelf that I really want to read but I have been putting to the bottom of the pile as I have a huge stack of books sitting on my desk that are next in line to be read. It's like I somehow forget about those books when I log onto my library's website...

    I literally have a to be read pile sitting next to my bed haha. I even put the books in order of what I'm going to read next... So because the books on my shelf aren't in that pile I keep thinking 'Oh, I'll request this book from the library because the pile is now only three books deep.' so I do that, then twelve books later I remember I actually have twelve books on my shelf that need to be read... So I have to read all the library books first as they will need to be returned... It's a tricky thing haha.

    I've ended up moving the books from my shelf to my to be read pile, but I really don't like seeing gaps in the books on my shelf!! lol

    Ohh Swipe definitely sounds interesting! I'll have to check out your review when you post it! I haven't heard of the other books but they look good!

    I've heard 50 shades of grey is good (Entertaining might be a better word?) if you know what you're going into before you pick up the book. Which includes lack of plot line etc. I'm going to borrow my friends books that she has! There's a line of people wanting to borrow it from her because our library has over 1800 people on hold for these books :o (That is the longest hold line I have ever seen! The most I've ever been in is like 50, and that's usually a bit long...) and they all don't want to buy the books (like me) hahaha.

    Jordon :)


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