Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Stacking the Shelves (13)

This is a meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga Reviews and is to haul all the books we have got this week, whether bought physical or e-book, whether for review,from the library, won in a giveaway as a prize or even borrows from a friend. With this you can supply your link and then see what everyone else has bought.   This is the link for this weeks collection 'Stacking the Shelves 13'.  The meme starts on  a Saturday, but you can join all week.  So this is my haul;

This week OH my, what a week for books and i have totally broken my book buying ban this week :( so from now on i am lifting the ban because i am sick of breaking it and feel bad haha.  I have no idea when i will read the books i buy because my pile is massive and i have a lot of review books but i am working on  plan ;) This week, a lot of review books are included. I feel really happy with my lot this week :)

For Review.

*Better Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts (Pub. Date by 25th Sept 12)
*Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry (Pub. date by 7th Aug 12)
*Those We Love Most by Lee Woodriff (Pub. date 11th Sept 12)

*Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire (Pub. date 14th Aug 12)
*Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig (Pub. date US-28/08/12, UK- 06/09/12) 
I am SO excited and happy to receive this, i reviewed the 1st book and LOVED it.
Here is the review.

Choose your own ending! I am so interested!


*The Captain's Daughter by Leah Fleming  (Paperback)

Phew!! what a week!! 
What has everyone else received? 

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