Wednesday, 11 July 2012

'Once Upon a Readathon' DAY 2 update and challenge!

Complete and utter failure, day 2 doesn't warrant a post really :(

Books read today; I started to read 'Temptation' by Karen Ann Hopkins
Books completed so far; I have only completed 1 book so far during this read-a-thon and that was 'One Breath Away' by Heather Gudenkauf
Today's Progress; A shocking 16% (on Kindle) was read today :( How pathetic!!
Feelings/comments; Oh what a failure today was!!! I should have done a step by step update throughout the day so people could see what was going off.  It kicked off with hardly any sleep last night, very disturbed night as i was anxious about my hospital appt this morning.  The hospital appt went fine, thankfully, and wasn't as long as expected.  Happy reading i thought.  However, it didn't work out that way, i struggled with the book and was literally falling asleep on every page with my face landing on the Kindle- No lie!  I tried 'Proplus tablets' - didn't work, so i had an early lunch to perk me up and that worked for a while and i read about 10 pages.  I spent time with my daughter playing everything she could think of before i started getting a lot of abdominal pain (part of my medical condition) so i had a nap for 1.5hrs.  I read a little more when i was awake but the pain was still there.  After dinner i ended up in so much pain and so tired that reading was impossible, i could barely talk and move for the pain, so i had to take my Oramorph  and go to bed.  I have then slept  on and off for almost 3 hrs, and when awake i read on and off until midnight where i gave in.  Shockingly i had only read 16%.  It was such a bizarre day of reading in small chunks and tonight i did get a longer time to read, and made progress, but i am definitely struggling with this book.  I am contemplating not finishing it.  It is a book about forbidden love BUT it's he's Amish, she's not and they are teenagers *rolls eyes*, this is the 1st time i have read a book with Amish characters/family too.  I can't explain what is getting to me with it in-case i offend anyone. However, I am sick of reading the terms 'the outsiders' and 'the English' and what 'the English' are like!  Sorry for the moan.  I will keep going with it tomorrow and hope today was just a rubbish day all round.  My pain has settled though and i'm feeling a lot better, just wide awake and it is 2.15am so i will be tired tomorrow as have to be awake at 7am! Nite xx

This one is from Kindle Fever;

Once upon a time there was a bookish fight…

As the story teller, I now want you to tell me which two characters are fighting and WHY! If you want to, you’re also more than welcome to guess the outcome. ;)

.......................and fighting was Emerson Cole (From Hourglass/ Timepiece) and Doctor Who.  They had collided during time-travelling and had gotten into a fight because they had both ruined each other's intended destination and where now stuck in 'nowhere'.  Obviously they had to battle it out and come up with an answer to return to their original destinations.  Doctor Who is the KING of time-travel but Emerson (Em) would not have it!, she was like 'I have never even heard of you' and all she went on about was Michael this and Michael that, completely not listening! but not giving any ideas to help.  The Doctor was getting impatient and said "Right, Michael isn't here to help! What do you know?!?"' Her answer was "Not much", she relied on Michael, but when he was explaining time-travel, she was too busy drooling over his fit body.(READERS OF HOURGLASS WILL KNOW WHAT I AM ON ABOUT LOL!) The King of time-travel said "right-e-o, i need a new assistant and that can be you, i know the answer to this problem so let's get going". Em's response....."oh Doctor......(drool)...Michael Who??"
If 'Hourglass' or 'Timepiece' not read by Myra McEntire then people will not understand this. 


  1. How was I not following your blog?!!! Well, I am now!!! =) Love your mini-challenge post!! I still have not read Timepiece...I've been trying my best to focus on writing and reading about writing...but I am itching to read it! No worries on not doing well in regards to reading much for day 2--I'm right there with ya! I had to work and my youngest was quite crabby during the day...perhaps tomorrow will be better ;).

    1. I thought u were already,lol, i have no clue-i blame technology haha!! Least r u here now :) There are that many blogs though it is impossible to keep up, i know i certainly can't. How is the writing going? I have enough with reading, don't think i would find time for writing too lol. I experience jinxes during readathons i am sure. I am failing at 1 i am doing now so i think i will give in! haha. Not even read a book in almost week, thats bad!! I am going to focus on the readathons coming up in august- are u doing any?1 is the boutofbooks x


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