Tuesday, 10 July 2012

'Once upon a Read-a-thon' DAY 1 UPDATE & CHALLENGE...

After much deliberation i have decided that i will include all my updates and challenges that i participate in, in this one post, i will just update it each day and re-publish it or whatever.  This just seems to be the easier way.  This is my kick off post for the 'Once Upon a Read-a-thon' and includes who is managing this read-a-thon and what my goals are in relation to books :)
EDITED- Day 1 has taken so long with the update and challenge that i will do them daily, hope no-one minds.

Books read today; Today i read 'One Breath Away' by Heather Gudenkauf.
Books completed so far; I have complete the book mentioned above!!! 
Today's progress; Book One (see above) completed!!  I was about 20pgs in at the start but that's nothing!
Feelings/comments; I got off to a really good start despite a busy morning where i was out for a couple of hours.  This afternoon was slow because my little girl was home from nursery and she loves having mummy play everything- today's activity was mainly colouring and playing babies.  She then wished to watch TV so i got some reading in then.  I somehow had a 2 and a half hr nap which felt amazing and much needed, thankfully i did because i am writing this update at 00.16, and i have a review to finish off from yesterday and i wanna play Sims and watch youtube videos before bed.  From evening until around 10pm i read pretty much constantly so when i managed to finish the book i was over the moon! It was a really good book though, i was reading it like lightening and couldn't put it down!  I tried to stay off Twitter a little bit because of the distractions hehe, i had a few snippets of chat with the lovely Hannah and Ellie.  I have linked to their blogs here so i hope they don't mind.  Hannah was making me wish i was browsing for books this morning while she was in some shops and  then this evening she was drinking ginger beer which for some reason set me off wanting to drink an alcoholic beverage and i'm not allowed due to my meds :(  Ellie bless her received some bruising from the prods on twitter to check and encourage her reading,lol, (note:not real bruises lol) obviously didn't work because she had a day of distraction LOL-.  Note to self- must prod harder tomorrow haha.  She got payback though cos she was having my fav pizza for lunch and i was drooling!!! lol
Aim for tomorrow; tomorrow i have an appointment at the hospital which will last pretty much all morning :(  Therefore i aim to read approx 45% of my next book.  Fingers crossed :)

Today's challenges where hosted by Loretta @ Between the Pages  and Bailey @ IB Book Blogging.  I have not undertaken Loretta's mainly due to the fact it is US only, nothing wrong with that, postage is insane! Normally i would have done it for fun but i've left it too late today :(
So this mini-challenge is from- IB Book Blogging.
2 questions-

Question 1:
What is your favorite cover that has been revealed this summer and why? Post a link or picture of the cover if you want.
I am not really 'into' cover reveals to be honest, i do read posts but having a favourite is difficult, there isn't one.  There was one not too long ago that caught my eye and make me look at it again.  I saw it on the blog 'Letters Inside Out' and was for the book Triangles by Kimberly Ann Miller.  It just looked eerie and odd with the headless figures but with the 2men in the background but not quite there and you can see the sea background and the spooky hand that is on her!  The font is different too.  Upon reading the 'blurb' and reading that the Bermuda Triangle is involved it made sense.  The 'blurb' has me hooked and cannot wait to read it!! It is not released until June 2013!!! Here it is;
Question 2:
Do you rely on the cover to help you choose whether you want to read a book or not?
Covers attract me to books, i'm sorry they do. Therefore, it the cover reels me in, i am more than likely to read the 'blurb' to see if i would enjoy the book.  If i read the back and thought the book sounds rubbish but the cover was amazing, i still wouldn't read it.  I have read books where i do not like the cover too.  So, to summarise, the cover isn't the be all but it definitely helps to get you to pick it up to read the description/

That's all for now, it's almost 1am!! nite xx


  1. I love that cover! Never heard of it before but tge blurb sounds good as well- added to the TBR 2013 list :)

    Im with you on covers drawing you in but only if the blurb backs it up!

    Well done on your progress! :)

    1. thank you, i hadn't until recently. It is also on my TBR list, i cannot wait :) 2013 seems AGES away.

      Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  2. YAY for finishing a book even with little one distractions :D

    1. thank you hun, yep they are the most difficult 'distractions' as such but yet the most precious hehe xx

  3. *Prod prod prod prod* NOW WHO'S DOLING OUT THE BRUISES, HUH? Haha, hope you're enjoying today anyway! I've read more (I think) but my sister's having a huge clear out and my mum's a real busy bee, so the hive of activity has been a bit distracting! Oh well, I can only read as much as I can, and it'll be more than I would have read this week otherwise, which is what matters! :)

    1. haha, cheeky!!! The bruises are only just fading lol. You never know, you might read more at work during this readthon than you did at home haha xx


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