Monday, 16 July 2012

High Summer Readathon?!?!?

Am i stupid to join another readathon? It is a debatable answer.

But after much debilitation i have decided to join in the 'Season's of Reading: High Summer Readathon'

*I have decided to do this because it is a RELAXED readathon and right now i need that.  
*There is no linky for updates etc so it is up to you whether you want to do a post, you don't even after do a blog post, you can just go on twitter. 
 *There is no challenges to take you away from the reading, if someone hosts a mini-challenge, there is no obligation to complete it. You don't have to do the challenge!!!
* The focus is just on reading and i know i will get through more books this way than a normal week.  My TBR pile is massive, especially review piles.  I have so many books to review and i am getting behind.  This will get me through a few more.

I will do the whole week....upto fridsay maybe very slow but after then i have some free time.  I do not believe that i will do update posts, maybe just a wrap-up, i don't really want to blog about it all the time as it will start to annoy ppl to just read about readathons on a blog, so ignore this posts if it bothers you :)

to talk about the readathon etc and they will be doing some twitter parties.

I am really excited :) Bring it on woohoo.

Oh forgot to say, no pressure on myself of what and how much but secretly i am hoping to read 3 books :)


  1. Hi Beckie! Welcome to the read-a-thon. I hope you enjoy it and I thank you for joining me! There is a starting line linky here: Signing in at the starting line and completing a wrap up and linking will enter you into the big giveaway at the end. You can see the prize page and giveaway details here:

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thank you for this. I thought i had signed up but i hadn't :) but i have now. Shame i have started the readathon with an illness where my head feels like it is exploding :( But looking forward to getting through some books :)
      Happy reading to you too and thanks :)

  2. Hi Beckie! Just relax, read a little, Tweet a little, do whatever you can - let's face it, that's what every read-a-thon is really about, no matter how organised or competitive or crazy it seems at the time! Happy reading this week... :)

    1. Thanks hun :) I love your relaxed laid back attitude so much, i wish i was like that, all calm. I seem to be 'chasing my tail' constantly whether in this world (lol) or IRL. I never feel on top of things ever and that's the problem. I need to chill and go with the flow, do what i can in regards to blogging, reading, tweeting etc.
      thanks hun, need to sort myself :)
      Glad i'm feeling bit better today, i don't wanna be ill for the full readathon! I wish i could read when ill,i just wanna sleep instead


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