Thursday, 5 July 2012

June Wrap-up and July TBR

One word - FAILURE.

I think i was overambitious for the month of June with the plans i had.  June happened to be a difficult month in 'life' terms and therefore my mood is read was low.  I am behind on my review books that i wanted to read so i'm feeling a little overwhelmed, especially since i have more books that u wanted to read in July.  But nevermind.....explaination over with.

 In June, I read a total of 3 books, i will link you to my review of them.
*'One Moment' by Kristina McBride. (Review pending..rating 3/5)
(I got a little mixed up as i was meant to read *'One Breath Away' by Heather Gudenkauf after Timepiece because it was due for review first..what a month LOL)

So......JULY TBR.

*'Temptation' by Karen Ann Hopkins.
*'The Line Between Here and Gone' by Andrea Kane.
*'One Breath Away' by Heather Gudenkauf.
*Pushing the Limit by Katie McGarry.
*The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner.

I have only chosen 5 and if i manage to read these which fingers crossed i do!! then i will read whatever i fancy :)

What is everyone else planning on reading this month?


  1. I hope everything gets better. The only books I have set to read are Circus Summer by Kailin Gow, Wilde's Army by Krystal Wade, and From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade. Mostly because those are for review. I'm really bad at saying I'm going to read a certain book because I'm a mood reader.

    I'm following you back.

    1. I think i may be a mood reader to be honest, because i'm noticing that i don't fancy what i plan to read sometimes. However, it can be difficult when there is books for review. I am thinking of having a pile for TBR that month but make a target of how many to read. Might work better for me.
      Thank you, i do too because i'm not getting enough time to read at the moment :(
      I haven't heard of the 1st 2 books u have mentioned so i will check them out :) Will you be doing a wrap up post for july? if not you'll have to comment on my july wrap and let me know how you have got on :)

  2. I've been much on line-ups of books.. I discovered while moving I have a billion for my TBR.. so I'll probably pick through those. I'm hoping to get through 5 books this month.

    And any reading is good reading- so June was NOT a failure!!

    1. Aww thanks hunnie, i didn't think of it like that! Very true though. I see people reading like 12 books or something and i'm like, how rubbish am i,lol. I really must stop comparing myself to others!,problem in real life too! :( Everyone's circumstanes are different and it is easy to forget that.
      How has the move gone? hope you are getting settled!
      I love how you say how many books you wanna get through, rather than which ones,,,maybe this where i am going wrong x


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