Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wow the kindness ..........

I am so amazed at the kindness of individuals and the actions they take to make people happy.  The act of human kindness seems none existence these days, but actually it is thriving in some places, especially in the book blogging community.  One of these individuals is Ellie, (her kickass blog is;  she was giving away random books, due to moving, and having far too many on her shelves and posted a note on twitter.  I said 'me please' but didn't think i would be chosen (i believe she gave to a few people-see how generous that is!) or that the random book would be one i didn't knew.  Bless her, she looked at my goodreads wishlist and sent me........................................

Yes, she sent me Divergent by Veronica Roth. HOW FRICKING AMAZING IS THAT!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY.  I was blown away!!!! I literally screamed and jumped up and down hugging the book lol, it doesn't even look like it has being read.  OMG i am in love with the cover, way more spectacular than i thought when i saw it on Youtube--it's all shiny and special. I WILL TREASURE THIS BOOK! I have wanted to read it for ages.........and now i have it 'BIG SMILES'
I have twittered like crazy about this and overly said thanks to Ellie, she's going to think i'm crazy,lol. Did i say......i'm so happy, she made my day!!!! my month even!!! lol

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