Saturday, 19 May 2012

Read-a-thon,DOUBLE UPDATE,DAY 4 & 5

I got really behind with my updates, participating with challenges and reading blogs due to life lol.  My health has being pretty rubbish- i do have a few health problems that flare up.  The only thing that didn't suffer too much was my reading.  I have combined the updates rather doing a separate day for each.  I'm feeling like this read-a-thon is getting worse as it's going on and that i am losing motivation.  I have also decided when it has finished i will not be reading for a few day and will enjoy doing other things for a while, unless, i can't resist the urge to start reading divergent lol.  Yes i know i'm behind everyone with just starting Divergent but even worse- I've only just started reading the Twilight series and i'm 1/4 way through the 1st book....ekkk. Told you i was behind lol. However with Twilight i wasn't adamant that i wasn't going to read them but i gave in.

Update for Day 4 (Thursday)

BOOK READ: Today i started reading 'Saving June' by Hannah Harrington.
BOOKS COMPLETED: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The Good Father and 'Saving June' I am half way through 130/233pages.
PAGES READ TOTAL TODAY: 130pages.  The target was 150 but this was close enough.
PAGES TOTAL: 634 in 3 days...that's rubbish when people have read 600 in a day lol.
I read small snippets all day and managed a couple of solid hours once the kids were in bed.  Considering this i have managed to get through a lot of the book.  It must be because i'm loving it xx

Target i set for tomorrow ..... is 100 pages.

Update for Day 5 (Friday).Complete failure day for reading

BOOK READ: I continued with 'Saving June', I wanted to get through it all today. However, due to certain situations this didn't happen and i wanted to read this book to the end because it was such a apge turner.
BOOKS COMPLETED: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The Good Father and 'Saving June' I am half way through 200/233pages.
PAGES READ TOTAL TODAY: 70pages.  The target was 100 but i'm surprised i even managed 70, felt like 35-40 at the most!! I sent a low target because i knew that i was busy today but secretly i hoped that i would get through more to finish the book.  I had only 33 pages to read.
PAGES TOTAL:  704 pages, that just seems pitiful really.

Target for Day 6= 50 pages.


  1. Good for you!!! You are inspiring me to increase my reading! I too have had a hard time trying to fit reading into my "life" schedule. I've said it before, my two little boys do not like it when I sit and read. They want Mommy playing with them and catering to their every whim and desire 24/7! lol! *hugs that your health problems go away or get better*

    1. Awww thank you, that is really sweet of you to say :) I agree it is so difficult trying to fit in reading around 'life', esp during a read-a-thon. Every1 has diff priorities during it though. However, we wouldn't change our priorities (kids) for the world, but mummy does need some mummy time. I have 1 fulltime at school and the other goes to morning nursery so i get some time there. It's so tiring though because sometimes when they r in bed, the last thing u want to do is read lol. I have grabbed time with reading whenever i could. Im shattered now and not planning on reading for a few days now the read-a-thon has finished. I will do my reviews but i need a break to catch up on life lol x xx thanks for your kind words x

  2. I reckon you've done great this read-a-thon. I found my motivation dipped a bit in the middle, just because I was disappointed by how little I'd managed to read, but today was much better! I still can't fathom how some folks have read so MUCH though, there must be some very fast readers out there! I've been reading as much as possible in spare work moments, and before and after work, and I've still only topped about 95 pages a day, max (sometimes it was more like 25, haha!). But hey, I've enjoyed the ride, and I think it's probably helped get me back into the habit of THINKING before I switch on the laptop or the TV instead of picking up my book. Maybe now I'll be more likely to prioritise the 'right' way!

    P.S. I haven't read Divergent yet so you're not the only one - but I DID love the Twilight series. It's been a long time since I've had a 'sweeping me off my feet' crush on someone, so it was fun reliving it through Bella! She's much funnier in the books too! :D

    1. Aww thank you for that :) Cheered me up lol. My reading dipped in the middle too but i've pushed thru for today :) We have to remember that the read-a-thon is about fun and we do it for enjoyment without adding pressure. I say that but cant take my own advice sometimes. I'm really glad that you did enjoy because so did i :)
      I have often wondered whether some ppl just read a hell of a lot quicker than me or whether their priorities are so different to mine, it means they have so much spare time. However, i've told myself to stop comparing everything because i will feel better within myself if i stopped.
      Hey another who hasn't read it, i don't feel so alone woohoo lol. Are you planning on reading it?I'm loving the whole romance thing with twilight and the books are way better than the film. I love some deep intense romance etc in a book but written in 1st person to make me swoon LOL!! I am having a few days off from reading now though since read-a-thon has finished.
      BTW, even though i met my goals with reading, i wish i had read more 'book blogs' i will do this over the next few days though to made me feel better lol xx Thank you again for your kind words and support etc, you are an amazing person x right i better go as it 3.10am....sorry if this post a mess-blame time lol xx


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