Monday, 21 May 2012

Read-a-thon-Day 6 UPDATE

I thought yesterday and the day before were fails, until today, when i realised what a complete epic failure i could be on a day during the read-a-thon.  I read that few pages that it could be completed within the hour!  Now, i do not have any excuse really, because i had time to read! I just couldn't be bothered :( The page number amount i read was only so i could finish the 3rd book 'Saving June'.  I think i was disheartened from the previous day because i had wanted to finish that book then, ready to start book 4 'Putting Alice Back Together' by Carol Marinelli today.  I absolutely loved the 'Saving June' book and i spent a lot of time thinking about it afterwards, i really have read some great books this week.  Tomorrow, i am going to have too read a full book in a day and it's almost 300pages...yikes!!! not sure whether it is achievable :( I would HATE to not meet all my goals.

Update for Day 6 (Saturday).Complete failure day for reading

BOOK READ: I continued with 'Saving June' and managed to finish it, woohoo. Review will be completed after the read-a-thon.
BOOKS COMPLETED: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The Good Father and 'Saving June'.
PAGES READ TOTAL TODAY: 33pages.  The target was 50  and even that was low and i didn't met it but the book only had 33 pages until completion, once read and finished, i needed a break.  I should have started the 4th book.
PAGES TOTAL:  737 pages, pathetic!!!!!!!

Target for Day 7=291 to start and finish book 4 'Putting Alice Back Together'. I do not think it is going to happen though :(


  1. Happy reading! You made it, didn't you? Hope you had fun!

    1. Yes i did :) hehe. Final post will be up later xx


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