Monday, 21 May 2012

Read-a-thon,Day 7 update

Just a quick update on day 7 because i am going to do a big wrap up post shortly.  Day 7, the last day to read and i had 1 book to go to meet my goal of the 4 books.  I honestly thought that there was no way i would manage to read a full book in a day but i really wanted to meet my goals, especially as this was my 1st read-a-thon.  I had done some snippets of reading in the morning around having a lie in and the kids being crazy.  Luckily, in the afternoon i had some mummy time and i was able to read for hours and hours with breaks for toilet trips and snack trips.  In the evening i read for hours too and i finally finished the last page of my book around close to midnight was that lol.

Update for Day 7 (Sunday). An amazing day!!!

BOOK READ: Today i read 'Putting Alice Back Together' by Carol Marinelli (it was an ebook on the computer for review via netgalley) and i managed to finish it, woohoo. Review will be completed after the read-a-thon. 
BOOKS COMPLETED: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The Good Father, Saving June and Putting Alice Back Together. Yep you got it i managed to read them all, woohoo.
PAGES READ TOTAL TODAY: 291pages.  That is an absolute record for me during this whole read-a-thon, but i only read so many because i knew i had to finish this book today.
PAGES TOTAL:  1028 pages, pretty good i think. I am not comparing myself to others lol but i'm so tempted too.

Time for me to do my wrap-up and all my thoughts.............


  1. Congratulations! You made your goals AND topped 1000 pages, I'd say that's darn good going when you've got lots of other stuff going off as well! Looking forward to the wrap-up post... :)

    1. thanks :) oh yes never thought about topping 1000 pages xx

  2. Congratulations. A totally successful read-a-thon.

    1. thank u, i have to agree, i loved it, roll on the next 1 x


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