Thursday, 17 May 2012

Read-a-thon, Day 3 update.

Today i wanted to make up for yesterday and i had set a target in mind of 200pages.  Also i was determined that i was going to finish book 2 'The Good Father' by Diane Chamberlain.  I managed to do quite a bit of reading and i am sure that the word count per page must be a lot more than some books.  I did some block reading when i got long periods of time to read and then i did loads of snippets reading.  This book was on the laptop as an e-book because it is a book for review, so i left it open all day.

I managed to read 186pages (close enough to target for me) and that was the end of the book. I completed it. Woohoo :) I was sad it had finished in a way because i LOVED it. I LOVE Diane Chamberlain's books, her writing is just beautiful.  I will do a full review on my blog after the read-a-thon.  I have a pile of reviews to do and tons of sticky notes everywhere to write them lol.  I finished the book at 9.20pm and i thought rather than start book 3, i would watch youtube videos, go on twitter, chat, check out blogs, do some blogging, good reads etc.  It's now gone 2am and time has flown by but i am wide awake, not good but i do not feel i have done everything that i needed too.

BOOK READ: The Good Father :)
BOOKS COMPLETED: The Statistical.....(see above i hate typing it out lol) and The Good Father.
PAGES TOTAL: 504 in 3 days...that's rubbish when people have read 600 in a day lol. But i have decided to just enjoy my reading because i will never ever achieve that, it's not a competition and i shouldn't compare myself to others.

Target for tomorrow ..... is 150 pages, i can hope. I am going to be so tired and it's a busy day with the kids.  If i manage 100 i will be happy. I am free on friday afternoon hopefully so i can get through some extra then. :)


  1. You're doing great! As long as you're enjoying yourself, you're doing it right!

  2. Wow, looks like you're really doing great! I didn't think to have a page goal, sounds so much easier to keep track of! Will have to remember that for next time, thanks!
    Enjoy your reads :)

  3. I think you're doing great! I think the people hitting 600 pages a day or more must be either super-fast readers or have no work, school or children getting in the way. I managed to squeeze in a fair amount of reading before, during and after work yesterday and still only slid in at 95 pages - but I enjoyed every one! :)

  4. Don't worry about what others are reading, everyone has their own pace and times for reading, just keep having lots of fun!


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