Friday, 1 June 2012

Sorry everyone.........

Just an apology, i am in a serious flunk with reading, blogging, twitter, just pretty much everything.  My health issues have being pretty bad and i'm often in way too much pain to be in a mood to do anything productive.  I get so sleepy that reading makes me fall asleep with a few pages.  This all results in me getting down because i'm not getting done what i want and then i'm in no way motivated again. It's a difficult cycle to break and i'm sorry. I love my blog, reading, chatting with other bloggers etc but when i'm not making the effort i know i'm going to fail, people will lose interest etc etc.  I am gonna cut myself some slack and do what i can until i get out of this damn flunk. I am not going to be back to normal health anytime soon but i'm praying for some improvement soon, enough for me to function.  I am that behind i still have a book review to do from the boutofbooks read-a-thon!!! and i'm half way through another, oh and then i've just finished a review book so i need to do that.
BAD NEWS is my laptop is broken :( it doesn't charge! the pins on the inside seem to bent but i have no clue why, the charger kept falling out on it's own for weeks and weeks but now it goes in and doesn't charge.  It's a dell and it's caused me nothing but problems.  I have a lot of review books on there that i downloaded through Adobe via netgalley, i was half way through reading 'The Twitter Diaries' and now i can't because it has being archived on netgalley and i cannot re-download it.  I'm currently using my mum's laptop when i can.

I am going to get a review or two up now and then i'm planning on starting the 'Waiting on Wednesday' or something like that because i'm excited about some books that are coming out over the next 6mths+

We will see, i just want people to know that i am still around :) I am trying my best with everything and i hope people keep interested in what i have to say.

 *~*~*~Happy reading*~*~* 


  1. I hope you do feel better soon, and don't stress out about reading and your blog, people will appreciate anything that you can do even if you don't always have the time.
    And that sucks about your laptop! I've never liked Dells myself, but I hope you can either get it fixed or get a new one for a decent price.
    I'll be here if you need anything!

  2. I hope you feel better soon, much love!
    I had a Dell last time round and it lasted under a year, definitely not getting one again.

  3. Get yourself sorted, we'll still be here when you're ready to get back into blogging. I think everyone has had burn out now and then and it's easiest to step back for a bit. Have you tried a different charger for your laptop? I've got through 3 chargers in the last 3 years, they are prone to giving up!


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