Saturday, 2 June 2012

My new twitter button.....

I'm sure people already know that i was the winner of the boutofbooks 4.0 read-a-thon grand prize giveaway.  I did blog about it, so please read.  The amazingly talented Shirley from @creativedeeds, designed in conjunction with me (not that i helped that much haha) my bookmarks (my winning prize) but the final design of these will not be published until Shirley has them in her hand :) . Whilst designing these, Shirley was kind enough to design me my header for my blog (see above) and also a twitter avi , (see image) and they are so fantastic, i just love love love them.  Another 'extra' i have is my ladybird/ladybug design in a heart shape to use when i rate books, rather than using stars. I am beyond thrilled.  I appreciate everything she has done, she put the biggest smile on my face-not an easy task lol.  I hope you like the designs we have come up with and i will post when we have the bookmarks. 
Anyone who wishes to have a bookmark is welcome, they just need to say in the comments :) 
Shirley has an amazing blog too, check it out :) 

Twitter Avi (close up)

my ladybird/ladybug hearts.


  1. Glad I put a smile on your face ;) Enjoy!

  2. I love the design!! I definitely want a bookmark, I need to replace my current one :)

  3. Seeing as though all my bookmarks have semi-naked men on, this'll be a handy one to have around ;) its a lovely design, glad youre happy!

  4. The design is awesome, could you please place me on the list for a bookmark? xxx

  5. Oh my gosh!! Those are awesome, your rating system is so adorable:)

  6. Aww that's fantastic. Love the new look :)


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