Sunday, 10 June 2012

ArmchairBEA- Wrap-up....

Well it's over.....ArmchairBEA has finished.........HOW QUICK DID THAT GO? 
I can't quite believe it to be honest lol.

I have to say that i LOVED it.  It wasn't the best week for me because i was really busy and my health problems were causing me to be really sleepy.  So, that image above is actually me,lol.  Well, i actually had a laptop and fell asleep with it on my knee (not good).  I did this twice and missed the twitter parties :(
It was a chaotic week but fun!; writing posts, the linking, reading LOADS of posts, commenting, checking back on your blog, replying to comments and chatting on twitter. I really could not keep up AT ALL :(  But i know i wasn't the only one!

I have met some amazingly funny and sweet people on twitter and on the blogs, who gave motivation and made you feel positive about everything.  I have discovered some outstanding blogs (i don't always mean all sing and dancing ones BUT the content ;) ) and they have made me think wow!  I have followed about hundred more blogs and gained lots of ideas and thoughts.  It's just brilliant and i'm loving it.  For me, the book community through the blogs and on twitter is what it is all about!  This is why the armchair BEA is successful for book bloggers in a way that the BEA isn't.

I have also gained vast amounts of valuable knowledge from experts in relation to blogging and all the issues around book reviewing.  People gave their time, they shared their knowledge- knowledge that they had maybe built up through lots of research.  It should be about sharing and supporting each other but only if the other individual has done some work themselves and done some research.  You cannot just expect to be spoon-fed.  I am new to all of this and i have known that from the start.

Just because it is the end, it doesn't mean it is over- there is still giveaways going on to enter and you can still comment on people's posts from the last 5 days.

Post links for your last 5days to help people, here is mine;

Will you be back next year?  I will definitely be joining in next year, fingers crossed!
MANY THANKS to all the organisers of ArmchairBEA and all those who made this happen and possible- including US the participants!!


  1. So glad you had fun Becky!! And I am really happy you've decided to participate so I could meet you!! :) :) I had a really awesome time :) :) <3 xx

  2. It was fun, wasn't it? I discovered the event Monday morning and somehow managed to make the daily posts and visited a lot of blogs..with plenty more to go. Looking forward to next year. Let's hope the Sandman won't have paid you a visit.

  3. It certainly was an exhausting (but super fun) week! I think I'm still recovering.... and my oh my how my TBR has grown thanks to this week of book suggestions & new releases!


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