Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blog plans #1..............

kinda like a 'to-do list' really.....

I couldn't do a blogathon that occured recently for several reasons but it did get me doing some serious thinking about my blog.  I realised that i had some organising and sorting out to do- story of my life and is the same story for my house lol.  I have compiled a list and i am planning on updating maybe within a month of what i have achieved and what i need to do.  If i think of anything more then it will be added when i update.

*Create Google calendar. This will make my list so much easier in relation to reviews and planning out my reading and my blogging.  I saw a fantastic blog post about how to use it and for it to be more effective.  This is put together by Amanda @ 'Letter's Inside Out.  I did have a diary to write in but i felt i didn't update it and then i got behind and it wasn't working.

*Add some page tabs. I need these at the top of my page so that i can add information that is required.  I am not 100% yet on what page tabs i will have but i think i am going to have; About me-link with contacts, review policies and also a list of the books i have reviewed (this would be extremely organised and easy to navigate with links).  I do want more than 3 tabs but we will see. I need to learn to use them first :/ lol!

*Do a star rating explanation.  I know i don't have stars now, i have my cute lil ladybirds or ladybugs as some ppl call them, links with my title ;)  My title actually means that i have caught a bug, you know when poorly and you say you got a bug, it is the same thing but this is a good thing as it's a book bug ;) and i'm addicted hehe. Anyways-off topic...... i want to explain what i think for 1-5 ladybirds x

*Check out some new themes. I want to try some new background to my blog.

*Sort out my category labels (here and on Pinterest). I feel like they are all over at the moment and no organisation at all.  I need to overall my pinterest account really.

*Do a TBR list. Right now i have piled of books everywhere, i have review books etc etc and i feel like i keep adding to the list but never feel like i am getting through it.  Therefore, i want to keep them documented.  This will more than likely remain private.

*Sort of the review list-CULL! I am sure other book reviewers will understand this- when you start using Netgalley and Edelweiss, you request a lot of books and then you have far too many to read and it becomes overwhelming.  Therefore, my plan is to go through my list and CULL it down the 'essential'

*Blog award-to do. I received my first blog award (going to be a post shortly) but you can see it in the side bar.  I have actually being awarded with this twice now :) so i need to do a post about that and award some ppl with it :)

Wow, what a list,lol.  Anyone else fancy doing a list for your blog. Feels great to have a plan for the progression of a blog *big smiles*

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  1. I'm pretty amateur in comparison to yourself, so I sort of "go with the flow".

    I don't really have a pre-arranged plan of what I'm going to read, except for the case of a book that I have to read "now" because everyone else will read it.

    Yep, as you can tell with my general attitude to this... I'm a man. XD


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