Monday, 30 April 2012


I have being a complete failure with reading, blogging and just keeping upto date really.  I have been slightly pre-occupied with illnesses, births in the family, upcoming birthdays etc, but still that should leave time for reading and blogging right? Umm well no, i come on the laptop with good intentions! but i get into watching YouTube and fb, twitter and before i know it hours have passed and i have not read any blogs or done any blogging or even read some of my books.  
I am desperately trying to get into the book blogging 'world' because i LOVE to read, i love meeting new people and since i'm pretty much housebound with my illness, i thought perfect chance!  Previously i would have had no chance! Working shifts as a midwife, doing 30hrs with an hrs drive either way, a 90mile round trip!! Plus i'm a mum of 2.  So since i am a 'newbie', i need to spend time sorting out my very basic (embarrassing) blog, but saying that i have done this for me, i'm not trying to wow anyone.  
However, early days and i am already failing!?!? i should be really enthusiast surely, i think i am daunted  by how many review books i have to read on the kindle and ones i have bought in paperback over the last month. /i should do a book haul soon but it might scare me lol. Oh and i have about another 100 books on My kindle unread.....oh dear.  I do not pressure myself though, i just read when i can and do bit by bit. 
I want to get some themes going for posts so I'm not just doing reviews but with all the carry on recently i don't know what to do, people are boycotting doing 'in my mailbox' so i may do an alternative.  We shall see, I'm dying to finish reading this book (almost done) and then i can get onto the next one but I'm desperate to read my 'The Hunger Games' trilogy and my Twilight saga.....i am a late comer with Twilight i know, but i gave in after saying nope not reading it hehe.

right lets get something done hehe.....

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