Saturday, 14 April 2012

The beginning.......

This is the beginning of my book blog, something i have being contemplating for months. It all started with Youtube and watching book related videos, from this it led to book blogs. Since i LOVE books and have so many different genres that i like, plus i have kindle and a kobo reader on my iphone which has opened up a whole new world for me.

I plan to use this blog to record what is happening in 'my' world of books; new releases i am interested, booh hauls, 'in my mailbox', book tags from blogs' and book reviews. I plan to add my reviews from my blog to other useful book sources for book readers. I am not saying or hoping that my reviews are going to change the world or even add anything but this for me, to look back on, to record AND if anyone is interested then it will be a bonus.

Now i have read hundreds of books over the years and loads recently but i am not going to do 'back' reviewing where i try and review all books i have already read. What i will do is any book i read from now on will be reviewed or just mentioned. Oh i will review the one just read.

so currently i am reading-

dear coca-cola
shannon matthews-

The summer it all began/

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