Friday, 21 September 2012


This is where i am at present........absent from the blogging world!

*I am in a reading funk, have been for a while!! It is probably due to the fact that i have two books which i am 'trying' to read but i really don't care for them- i never want to pick them up and i only read for maybe 5-10mins when i do :(

*I haven't been on my blog much because i feel guilty for not reading, all the planned posts i had for September therefore have not been done, i still have a review to do of a book i finished reading the 1st week in August!  The fact i haven't done this means i feel more guilty!  Therefore i avoid going onto my blog.  

*Then with not reading, i think to my over ambitious TBR for September and i feel rubbish because i have read nothing and my wrap-up would be a joke!    It means that now i am avoiding even reading other people's blogs because i feel too guilty about the whole damn thing!

***I have had my dad extremely ill recently and he has only just got discharged from hospital today but he not completely back to full health, so my mind is constantly on him.***

I have found that i am doing other interests i enjoy too rather than just reading, blogging etc.   I do not know what to please............ i want to get back into all this but i don't know how :( I do not know where to start, my review books are stacking up and way overdue! My bought books are like a mountain- a lot waiting to be read.  I have more time on my hands now both kids are in full-time school, depending on how my health problems are day to day.

How do i get back into this? Blogging? Reading? Reviewing? Keeping up with others? and how do i reach a balance whereby i do not feel like my spare time is completely devoted to all this, and so that when i do another 'hobby' for example i do not feel guilty.  Has anyone felt like this or am i just crazy?

I will get back into this, fear not, just really struggling at the mo.
Please stick with me xx


  1. I find it really helps me to just take it one post at a time. If I think about how far I've gotten behind in writing posts, writing reviews, reading review books, reading in general it just gets way to overwhelming for me. I'm sorry things have been so rough for you and I really hope they get better. The most important thing to remember is that your life comes first and your fellow bloggers and readers will understand that. The community is pretty awesome like that. :]

    1. Thank you that means a lot. I guess I just get overwhelmed with the amount of things I have got behind with. Instead i need to step back and take things one at a time and not worry about what needs to be done. I need to enjoy the community more and I think I will achieve this by not worrying about my blog and what other people think. I have done a lot of thinking the last few days and made a lot of decisions and I am looking forward to getting back into reading and enjoying doing my blog posts and enjoying my books more. Thank you for taking your time to comment and giving me your advice it really means a lot :) xx

  2. My suggestion, is to give yourself a book buying ban, and for the time being say you're not accepting review books. That will give you time to catch up. Read your books at your own pace, in any order you want. As for the reviews, they don't have to be really long, even if you did point form of what you liked and didn't like, I think you'd still get your point across.Make sure you also take breaks and do other things, and try not to stress about your blog. Try and schedule things in advance, create a schedule, and that will help a ton, trust me. If you need any other advice let me know!

    1. Aww thank u Hun xx That amazing advice and lots of things for me to consider. I am meant to be on a book buying ban but I just cannot resist a bargain lol. I really am limiting my review books because I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of books I have to read; there is some books I really do want to read that i have bought and I am not getting time to read them. I think I need to do what you said and read what I want for a while rather than what needs to be read for a timescale. I really wish I could schedule better, I am rubbish at scheduling and also I find that I do my to be read pile post but never get around to achieving it. My life… Unfortunately full of chaos and I do not want my blogging and reading etc to seem like chaos and a chore xx

  3. Take the 2 books that you can only read 5 minutes at a time and lump them together. "The authors seem to know their subjects and have the mechanics down (or not, as you see it) but it's outside my interest, I didn't finish these. Check with reviewers who are more in tune with this subject for complete reviews. Apologies, but there you are. Now, about the latest book by (much anticipated release)..." and go on from there.
    Life is too short to waste on books that make you go into a funk.

    1. Wow thank you So much for this advice I never thought about doing this and actually it is a great idea. I may feel guilty for awhile but I cannot help if I am not enjoying a book. I am going to try and finish one of the books because I think it deserves my time a bit more but the other one I really need to stop. Thank you for this great advice and giving me an idea of how to word it, I really appreciate it x


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